The Mureş Tourism Association is an organization of physical and natural entities, non-governmental, with autonomous and apolitical character. It has juridical personality and it is meant to accomplish the aims mentioned in the statute of the Association.
     Its purpose is the promotion of the tourist potential of the existing points of tourist attraction in the Mureş county, through the increase of the tourist movement and the assurance of a harmonious interaction between the tourist section and factors of a social and environmental charater.

The aims of the Mureş Tourism Association are the following:

the recording of the main tourist resources
the producing of a data base with all the tourist attractions in the Mureş county
the elaborating of proposals for tourism development according to the Yearly
Program for the Development of Tourism
the attracting of programs and financing in order to increase the quality of
tourism in the county
the contribution to the increase of the quality of the tourist product
the tracking of the tourist activity so that the economic agents with an activity
in the tourist field have access to the tourist resources
the opening of tourism information centers in places with a tourist activity
the initiation and development of projects in tourism
the development of cultural exchanges on local and county level as well as at a
higher, national and international level
the elaborating of studies and analyses in domains of tourist interest
promoting the cooperation with the local and central administrations
promoting the cooperation and efficient communication between governmental
and non-governmental institutions
the editing of promotional material
attracting and using, in accordance with the law, of financial sources in forms
of donations, subventions, contributions, sponsoring, taxes for catering and
the promotion of data, information, publications, specialists exchanges and the
cooperation with similar profile organizations from the country as well as from
the creation of partnerships with associations from the country and from
abroad which promote the same purposes
taking part at national and international fairs with the aim of promoting tourism
in the Mureş county

     In view of the accomplishment of the mentioned purposes and of the specific activities, the Association cooperates with specialty institutions, non-governmental organizations, legal entities and natural persons without expressing any group interests (political, religious, others), being able to participate to the creation of organizations in the tourist field.

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